di Andrea Napolitano Abstract This work has the aim to analyse the peculiar hypothesis of the responsibility of the online newspaper director, starting from a general analysis on the concept of freedom of press in the national and the European environment. In particular, the subject concerns the difficult relation between traditional mass media such as paper press and  new media  such as on line newspaper, which is object of a deep research by doctrine and  jurisprudence, which have been tried to regulate such a delicate issue for years. Moreover, the last part of the work is focused on the analysis of the…

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di Ilaria Garaci Abstract This paper intends to identify the main legal issues that regard the current debate in Italy concerning the recognition of compensation for damages, in the event of death, caused by a wrongful act of another. The first part intends to give a general overview of the main questions related to the identification and quantification of non-pecuniary damages, suffered both by the first-degree victim of the wrongful act, and possibly transferable to the heirs, under the profile jure hereditatis, as well as directly by the relatives with an autonomous right, jure proprio. In the second part, a comprehensive analysis…

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di Vincenzo Lino Sommario:
  1. Introduzione.
  2. Stato, Mercato e Società Civile: il ruolo degli enti non-profit. Dal liberalismo economico al liberalismo del Terzo Settore.
  3. Nozione di ente non-profit in senso ampio. Alcune riflessioni sulla riforma degli enti del libro I del codice civile.
  4. Conclusioni.

1. Introduzione

Il fenomeno del non-profit suscita l’interesse di molti per molteplici ragioni. In primo luogo, dal punto di vista politico, si ritiene possa concorrere e, talvolta, supplire a talune funzioni tipicamente statuali in materia di welfare, in ragione della sentita inadeguatezza delle politiche sociali al soddisfacimento dei bisogni della collettività. Sul piano economico, il Terzo Settore, in forte crescita anche…

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di Lorenzo Delli Priscoli Abstract: The Internet essentially is a medium for communications that allows data exchanges between computer across the world. The cross-border nature of the internet has a profound impact on privacy (publication is potentially to the whole world). The purpose of Italian Parliament is the creation of a system capable of protecting the interests of sensitive data owners without burdening sensitive data users with excessive obligations. The conditions for processing must take account of the nature of the personal data in question. The conditions that need to be met are more exacting when the information being processed is sensitive…

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