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International Arbitration Intensive Training Program. New York City 25-29 Luglio, 2016

Overview Sponsored by the International Arbitration & Mediation Training and Assistance Institute (IATAI) in New York City, this one-week program offers intensive, hands-on training in international arbitration. Using a fact pattern based on real cases, the training will simulate the process of a complex international arbitration, including elements that are typically non-public proceedings. Equal emphasis in training will be placed on the oral and written aspects of an international arbitration proceeding, and so all participants should have proficiency in legal English. Program Eligibility All participants shall have: (1) completed or made significant progress toward a first degree in law; or (2) be licensed to practice law in their home jurisdictions. The program will draw from a mix of U.S. and foreign participants in order to simulate the mixed nationalities and legal cultures of an international arbitration. The primary intended audience are lawyers or law students who do not have already significant experience in international arbitrations and seek an intensive introduction to the field. Venue All classes will be held at Fordham Law School at Lincoln Center located at 150 West 62nd Street, New York, NY, 10023. Certificates Participants will receive certificates of completion issued jointly by IATAI and Fordham Law School. Continuing Legal Education (CLE) This program has been approved for up to 29 CLE credit hours in New York.  Financial hardship policy is available. For details, please contact Ms.Vera Korzun 

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