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High Tech Law: The Digital Legal Frame in Italy: An Overview of Contracts, Digital Content Protection and ISP Liabilities Emerging Issues


HIGH TECH LAWThe volume offers an updated outline on fundamental issues of High Tech Law in Italy an the EU legal frame.

Main themes covered include:

  • Origins and recent developments of italian High Tech Law and key legal sources;
  • EU Digital Single Market (DSM)
  • Technological Innovation and Contract Law:
  • Virtual Contract and Consumers protection;
  • The Forms of the Virtual Contract: Electronic Signatures and Point and Click;
  • Intellectual Property Protection of Digital Content under new italian notice and take down AGCOm administrative procedure
  • Internet Service Provider Liabilities and Digital Content Protection

The Author focuses, in particular, on the following main themes:

  • legal frame of new markets of the virtual space and new rules of consumer protection and contract consumption of goods and services online under the cathegory of virtual contract;
  • point and click acceptance button as elective mean of closing virtual contract under the ligh of novel Legislative Decree of 21 February 2014, n. 21 in implementation of the EU Directive of 25 October 2011 n. 83 to Consumer Code;
  • digital content online distribution, the problem of the adaptation of means of protection and the liabilities of the various subjects operating in the Internet, highlighting the central role of Internet Service Provider;
  • Copyright UE framework update and need of european harmonization of notice and take down procedures in order to obtain uniform protection in the DSM.

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The Author

Emilio Tosi   Tenured Universitary Researcher in Private Law he is Adjunct Professor in Private Law and High Tech Law at University of Milan “Bicocca”.

Member of Executive Board of the Italian Academy of the Internet Code,  of Scientific Board of online Journal Medialaws, Honorary Member of Associazione Nazionale VideoAudio Informazione (ANFOV) and founding Member of Associazione Italiana per la Sicurezza Informatica (CLUSIT).

Director of High Tech Law Series published by Giuffré and founded by the selfsame in 2003.

Author of many studies in Information Technology Law, Contract Law and Corporate Law published on main Law Journals and of the following monographs: I contratti di informatica, Milano, 1993; e Il contratto virtuale. Procedimenti formativi e forme tra tipicità e atipicità, Milano, 2005.

In the Series “Diritto delle Nuove Tecnologie” – directed by the selfsame with Vincenzo Franceschelli – has edited the opening selection of studies on Le regole giuridiche del commercio elettronico,Milano, 2003; and the monographs Diritto Privato dell’informatica e di Internet,Milano, 2006; e Contratti informatici, telematici e virtuali,Milano, 2012.

He has edited also Il Codice dell’informatica e di Internet, Tribuna, Piacenza, 2000 first italian selection of laws on high tech legal sources, now at its eights edition.

He is Author of Rivista di Diritto dell’informazione e dell’informaticae della Rivista di Diritto Industriale.

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