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Supranational Trends of Civil and Commercial Law: Towards a Reunification of Private law? – Florence


First Colloquium of the Osservatorio del Diritto Civile e Commerciale

testatanuovaaThe ambition of the colloquium is to bring together some prominent figures in the fields of European private law as well as younger researchers, who may share the interest in a genuine and open-minded discussion on some of the most challenging topics of common interest to private and commercial law academics. The idea is, inter alia, to foster future research connections among scholars from different countries and with different viewpoints. The emphasis of the colloquium is on the need to re-examine and reassess the borders of private law, with a focus on the the traditional distinction between civil law stricto sensu and commercial law., which the 1942 Italian codice civile was first to abandon (book V of the code encompasses company law, labour law and parts of what we call today competition law).


Ore 9:30 Welcome – Introduction to the seminar

Ore 10:00 Market Regulation and Business-Client Relationships

Chair:  Prof. Stefan Grundmann, Berlin-EUI

Key-note speech: Prof. Maria Rosaria Maugeri Responsible Editor of the ODCC, Catania, Catania

Prof. Volker Wiese, Bayreuth Dott. Francesco Mezzanotte, Roma

Ore 15:00 Consumer Protection

Chair:  Prof. Hans Cristoph Grigoleit, München

Key-note speech: Prof. Élise Poillot, Luxembourg

Prof. François Barrière, Paris Prof. Stefano Pagliantini, Siena Dott. Francesco Paolo Patti, Roma


Ore 9:00 Disgorgement of Profits and Unjustified Enrichment

Chair: Prof. Thomas Pfeiffer, Heidelberg

Key-note speech:  Prof. Daniel Friedmann, Tel Aviv

Prof. Moshe Gelbard, Netanya Prof. Carlos Gomez Ligüerre, Barcelona Prof. Albert Ruda González, Girona Dott. Ilaria Amelia Caggiano, Napoli

Ore 15:00 The proposal of a Common European Sales Law

Chair: Prof. Michele Graziadei, Turin

Key-note speech: Prof. Tommaso Dalla Massara, Verona

Prof. Esther Arroyo, Barcelona Prof. Jacobien Rutgers, Amsterdam Prof. Gianni Ballarani, Roma Dott. Matteo Checchi, Siena


Ore 9:00 Standard Contract Terms

Chair: Prof. Ewoud Hondius, Utrecht

Key-note speech: Prof. Yehuda Adar, Haifa

Dott. Irina Domurath, EUI Dott. Alberto De Franceschi, Ferrara Dott. Massimo D’Auria, Siena

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