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Competition Law As Regulation – 8th ASCOLA Conference

Università Del Salento
Università del Salento
23-25 May 2013
Università del Salento, Dipartimento di Scienze dell’Economia Rettorato, Piazzetta Tancredi, 7, Lecce, Italy

THURSDAY 23 MAY 2013 (starts at 7pm) Drinks reception (venue: Palazzo Tamborino, Via Paladino 50) FRIDAY 24 MAY 2013 8.30am Registration of participants WELCOME ADDRESSES (starts at 9am) Domenico Laforgia Dean, University of Salento Alessandra Chirco Director, Department of Economics, University of Salento


Chair: Joël Monéger

Mariateresa Maggiolino Competition law and regulation: why should we purport a “pure conception” of the former?
Krystyna Kowalik Regulatory approach to competition law in the practice of the Polish Competition Authority – critical assessment
Mario Siragusa A reassessment of the relationship between competition law and sector specific regulation

Discussion coffee break SESSION TWO: COMPETITION ENHANCING POWERS AND REGULATION: INSTITUTIONAL ISSUES (starts at 11.30am) Chair: Wolfgang Kerber Michal Gal and Tamar Indig

New Powers – New vulnerability? A critical analysis of market inquiries and other interventionary competition law regulation tools

Yane Svetiev Beyond law versus economics: competition policy as a learning platform Nicoletta Rangone Competition Informed Approach to Regulation: the Role of Economic Analysis in Improving Integration Discussion 1.30pm Lunch SESSION THREE: REGULATORY APPROACH TO SUBSTANTIVE COMPETITION LAW (starts at 2.30pm) Chair: Josef Drexl

Adi Ayal Anti-anti regulation: the supplanting of industry regulators with competition agencies and how antitrust suffers as a result

Alexandr Svetlicinii and Marco Botta

Enforcement of competition rules in regulated industries: abuse of dominance practices in the new EU member states and candidate countries

Valeria Falce and Gustavo Ghidini

The evolving role of competition law and policy in the financial sector in Italy: the regulation of interlocking directorates

Discussion GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING (starts at 4.30pm) CITY TOUR – starts at 6.30pm 8.15pm, Social dinner (venue: Torre del Parco, Viale Torre del Parco, 1) SATURDAY 25 MAY 2013 (starts at 9am) SESSION FOUR: NEW EQUILIBRIA FOR THE REGULATION AND COMPETITION LAW INTERACTION: NET-NEUTRALITY, INFORMATION FLOWS AND STANDARDIZATION Chair: Dimitris Tzouganatos Edouard Lemoalle Net-neutrality, regulation and competition Fabiana Di Porto Market information flows: new challenges for competition law Björn Lundqvist The rise of standardization – Competition law as the limit of selfregulation Discussion coffee break SESSION FIVE: SECTOR-SPECIFIC CHALLENGES TO COMPETITION LAW (starts at 11.15am) Chair: Paul Nihoul Rolf H. Weber From Competition law to specific regulation in internet markets? A critical assessment of a possible structural change Emanuela Arezzo Competition Law as an Instrument of IP regulation? Toshiaki Takigawa Regulatory approach in competition law enforcement for innovationintensive industries: the case of broadband access regulation in Japan< Discussion We aim to finish the conference at about 1.30pm.

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