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German Law and Economics Association – Meeting 2013

Abstract dell’intervento di Andrea Stazi sul tema “Biotechnological inventions and limits of patentability between EU and US”

Sept. 13-14 2013 – Free University of Bolzano 

Scarica il programma completo dell’evento

Friday, Sep 13 2013 17.15 – 18.15 Beldowski (comment by Doménech) How to reform commercial courts’ delay. What Doing Business tells us about determinants of reform paths? Doménech (comment by Jonski) IN DUBIO CONTRA CIVEM Standards of evidence for pre-trial detentions E211: SESSION C3 Crime (CHAIR Obidzinski) Obidzinski (comment by Montag) Elected versus Appointed Law Enforcers: the Case of Crime Deterrence Montag (comment by Pieroni) Should Paris Hilton receive a lighter Prison Sentence because she is rich? Evidence from a survey experiment Pieroni (comment by Obidzinski) Probation and Recidivism in Italian Juvenile Crime: estimating the effect of intergenerational transmission of crime through a cohort of young criminals E522: SESSION C4 Basic Concepts (CHAIR Wulf) Fabbri (comment by Puchades) When choosing the Social Welfare Function really matters: a quantitative analysis Wulf (comment by Fabbri) Jurists, Clerics and Merchants – The Rise of Learned Law in Medieval Europe and its Impact on Economic Growth Guerra (comment by Wulf) Productive Rent-Seeking 13.00 – 13.30 D102: Opening Session E220: SESSION B1 Courts (CHAIR Jonski) Prof. Lucie Courteau, PhD Dean, School of Economics and Manage- ment, Free Univ. of Bolzano Prof. Avv. Paolo Giudici Director of the Center for Research in Law & Economics (CRELE) Prof. Dr. Roland Kirstein President of GLEA, Otto-von-Guericke-Univ. Magdeburg 13.30 – 15.00 Lueck (comment by Backhaus) E221: SESSION B2 Real Estate (CHAIR Lueck) E220: Session A1 Constitutions (CHAIR Kimmerle) Kimmerle (comment by Maggio) After Lisbon – revival of the national parliaments by reasoned opinions? Maggio or Romano (comment by Buiten) Piecemeal Legal Origins Buiten (comment by Kimmerle) The (Un)desirability of Decentralized Enforcement of Harmonized Laws – A Simple Model for Consumer Protection Land Demarcation and the Great Roman Network Backhaus (comment by Lueck) Does the Coase Theorem also hold for the New Federal States? E211: SESSION B3 Institutions (CHAIR Mendez-Reátegui) Mendez-Reátegui (comment by Jabotinsky) An Introduction to the Paradigm of Institutional Coordination as an Al- ternate Mechanism for an Extensive Economic Analysis Jabotinsky (comment by Mendez-Reátegui) Consolidation or Fragmentation for Financial Regulators? A Story of In- formation Flow E221: Session A2 IPR (CHAIR Eger) Eger (comment by Kupzok) The Determinants of Open Access Publishing: Survey Evidence from Germany Kupzok (comment by Stazi) Law and Economics of the unitary patent protection in the European Union Stazi (comment by Eger) Biotechnological inventions and limits of patentability between EU and US justice Coffee Break E522: SESSION B4 Liability (CHAIR Romano) Romano (comment by Hiriart) 11.30 – 13.00 Information Tort Law and Economics Hiriart (comment by Romano) liability Rules under Asymmetric Information E220: SESSION D1 Courts (CHAIR Ippoliti) Saraceno (comment by Shastitko, Andrey) Justice: More Access, Less Costs 18.30 – 19.00 Ippoliti, Falavigna (comment by Saraceno) Courts efficiency and judges productivity: the case study of Italian tax D102: Annual Meeting of the Gesellschaft für Recht und E211: Session A3 Crime (CHAIR Baumann) Ökonomik e.V. Baumann (comment by Ghasemi) Status concerns as a motive for crime? Ghasemi (comment by Hoeppner) Shastitko, Andrey (comment by Ippoliti) Effects of the Third Party Errors E221: SESSION D2 Competition (CHAIR Marty) Marty (comment by Yusupova) As-efficient competitor test in exclusionary prices strategies: Does really Post-Danmark pave the way towards a more economic approach? Yusupova (comment by Shastitko, Anastasia) Leniency Program and Cartel Deterrence in Russia: Effects Assessments Shastitko, Anastasia (comment by Marty) Competition Policy. The role of Economic Analysis in the Question of the Competition Law Enforcement E211: SESSION D2 Liability (CHAIR Guerra) Guerra (comment by Ferey) Sharing Residual Liability: cheapest cost avoider revisited Ferey (comment by Pacces) How to share joint liability: a cooperative game approach Pacces (comment by Guerra) A new liability regime: how to align CRAs incentives with investors de- mand for reliable ratings E522: SESSION D4 Property Rights (CHAIR von Wangenheim) Casari, Lisciandra (comment by Arrunada) Gender-biased Property Rights on the Commons: a case study from the Italian Alps von Wangenheim (comment by Casari) Take or Buy – just compensation for government takings and court delays Arrunada (comment by von Wangenheim) An Economic Interpretation of the Role of Possession in Impersonal Ex- change Farewell Lunch Conference Dinner at Mareccio Castle Saturday, Sep 14 2013 09.00 – 09.30 D102: Annual Meeting of the Gesellschaft für Recht und Öko- An Economic Analysis of Islamic Criminal Law of Homicide: a Coasian Approach to Criminal Law Hoeppner (comment by Baumann) Sanction Frames: Gaines, Losses, Endowments E522: Session A4 Finance (CHAIR Engert) Engert (comment by Fedele) Can network effects impede optimal contracting in debt securities? Fedele (comment by de Caria) Corporate Taxation and Financial Strategies under Asymmetric Informa- tion de Caria (comment by Engert) Perseverare diabolicum: the shortcomings of the pre-crisis financial re- gulation and the repetition of the same mistake in the regulatory re- sponse of the crisis Coffee Break 15.30 – 17.00 ARCURI Alessandra (Rotterdam University) The “L’Aquila” Case ENGERT Andreas (Mannheim University) Scientific Misconduct HELSTROFFER Jenny (Nancy University) Ethical Guidelines of the AFSE KIRSTEIN Roland (Magdeburg University) Coase, Calabresi and Liability of Scientists nomik e.V. Michel (comment by Vaubel) Endogenous Parliamentarism Vaubel (comment by Eckardt) The Breakdown of the Rule of Law at the EU Level: Implications for the Reform of the EU Court of Justice Eckardt (comment by Michel) European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) as Legal European Company Form to Realize Cross Border FOCJ – Functional Overlapping Competing Jurisdictions E221: SESSION C2 Corporate (CHAIR Stef) Stef (comment by Xu) Voting Rules in Bankruptcy Law Xu (comment by Marcisz) Asymmetric information, minority shareholder protection and firms’ pro- pensity to issue external equity Marcisz (comment by Stef) Can Efficiency Reasoning Amount to Public Interst? – The Critical Analy- sis of a Squeezeout rule 09.30 – 11.00 E220: SESSION C1 Constitutions (CHAIR Michel) D102: PLENARY SESSION on “Liability of Scientists”

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