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Global Music Report 2019 – State of the Industry

Time and time again, throughout my career, I have been privileged to witness music’s power to bring us together. Language and culture may vary, but music transcends borders and unites us. This year’s Global Music Report explores how music has become truly global – more so than ever before. Through the work and dedication of artists, record companies and their partners, music from vibrant and diverse regions is being sought out and loved by fans in every corner of the world.

The increasingly connected global music landscape is enabling us to explore new genres, sounds and artists, no matter where they originate, and for artists to enjoy the opportunities that I have had to engage with audiences around the world. As this journey continues, we must ensure the right environment is created to make this success sustainable for the future; we must continue to work to establish a music ecosystem that is healthy and open to all, where music isvalued and respected.

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